2007: WP668 Restoration Continues

After moving in to the Dickinson-Plocher backyard in San Jose, the WP668 caboose exterior was stripped and painted. We learned that while the wood could be chemically stripped and scraped, the steel straps had to be hit with a hammer to get the paint off. Both decks and the bay window were rebuilt. The holeContinue reading “2007: WP668 Restoration Continues”

2007 Moving Caboose Again

In 2007, the San Jose City Council granted a variance for WP668. Building permits were issued for the stairs and electrical. In May 2007,  WP668 was moved for a second time by South Bay Crane & Rigging – first the wheel trucks and then the body – onto the very short rail line in the Dickinson-PlocherContinue reading “2007 Moving Caboose Again”

2006 WP668 in Storage – Restoration Starts

While in storage in San Jose, the WP668 caboose roof was rebuilt and the ceiling lights were installed. The Dickinson-Plocher backyard swimming pool was removed and a very short rail line built in the same location. The Silicon Valley Lines model train club members acted as gandy dancers to help install the track. Except asContinue reading “2006 WP668 in Storage – Restoration Starts”

2006 WP668 – Move from San Francisco

In February 2006, WP668 was moved by truck from the Golden Gate Railroad Museum (GGRM) in San Francisco to storage in San Jose. The steel strapped wooden top was lifted by crane off of the two steel trucks (wheel sets). The caboose top, missing its roof covering and very heavy because of the recent rain,Continue reading “2006 WP668 – Move from San Francisco”

2006 WP668 – First Look

This is the first post with photos from WP668’s history: the story from January 2006 when Katy Dickinson and John Plocher first saw WP668 at the Golden Gate Railroad Museum (GGRM) in San Francisco’s Bayview-Hunter’s Point area. In December 2005, Katy’s mother, Eleanor Creekmore Dickinson, saw a notice in the San Francisco newspaper about a caboose forContinue reading “2006 WP668 – First Look”

Refreshing WP668 Website

Software and technology and tools change and rot over time. We are revising the WP668 website to keep up with developments. Most of what you will see here is backward looking, as is appropriate for a 100+ year old railroad caboose. However, from time to time updates or newly-discovered photos will be posted. Except asContinue reading “Refreshing WP668 Website”