2007: WP668 Restoration Continues

2007 WP668 before painting

After moving in to the Dickinson-Plocher backyard in San Jose, the WP668 caboose exterior was stripped and painted. We learned that while the wood could be chemically stripped and scraped, the steel straps had to be hit with a hammer to get the paint off. Both decks and the bay window were rebuilt. The hole in the wall was filled in rather than replacing the missing window. WP668 is mostly first growth fir wood (no longer available). Missing wood had to be replaced with clear redwood.

2020 WP668 side paint peeling
2020: While most of the 2007 paint survived well, one side of WP668 has started to peel

Except as noted, text and images Copyright 2006-2020 by Katy Dickinson, John Plocher.
All photos are used with permission. All rights reserved.

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